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The information in this post is old and for the latest information about this cpi/spi to percentage conversion is in the below link:

Click here for the latest spi/cpi to percentage conversion.

AICTE notification on dated:5th March, 2010
The proposed structure for the Degree/Diploma is as follows.
Grade Point                      Equivalent Percentage
6.25 —————————55%
6.75 —————————60%
7.25 —————————65%
8.25 —————————75%

The link for this is available at http://gtu.ac.in/circulars/11June/Grade Point.pdf

Here grade point means cpi



Comments on: "Conversion from CPI to percentage finally declared" (36)

  1. anonymous said:

    अरे यार this is unfair after such a consuming syllabus and frugal checking system……downgrading the CPI to percentages is not fair…..Where will the students like me stand once out of the university in the industry where the comparison is still made on the CGPI’s at least at the freshers level .

    They have let us down …..and they don’t have a centralised placement either.

    • yes,i know its annoying but this is the truth,we have to accept it.And the main problem is as you depicted in last line is,it is NO CENTRAL PLACEMENT

    • thank u for commenting.If u like my blog,then please share and spread it.I place no ads and get no extra revenue.This is just for nexGEN’s benefits.Thankx again

  2. Now the companies are accepting according to only PERCENTAGES then what was there need to convert into C.P.I.s !!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is the thing derived from CGPA of NITs,IITs and other top 20 engineering colleges of India.GTU wanted to show that they are advanced,may be that’s the reason for CPIs,SPIs.At last most companies would be converting it into percentages.

  3. Rahul Pandya said:

    What is the formula for converting CPI to % marks?

  4. Kashyap Parmar said:

    I think your given formula for converting CPI to % is not Correct so make it….
    There is certain changes after some CPI……..

  5. now some company accepting total marks in all semester but gtu give only gred then how to get total marks

  6. ok thanks …….:-)


  7. GAJJAR PRATIK S. said:

    How i convert grade to marks. gsecl gujarat they require marks in their online vacancy what i do? help me.

  8. Please give me write cpi to convert %

  9. How i convert grade to marks. gsecl gujarat they require marks in their online vacancy what i do? help me

  10. hii
    what is spi?
    what is cpi?
    if i give remidal exam then how to calculate spi ane cpi?

    • This is list for only Gujarat Technological University(GTU) students.By the way,SPI means Semester Performance Index,for evaluation of student during a semester,by taking external,internal exam and internal marks.Whereas CPI means Cumulative Performance Index,which is average of all CPI till date.It would include the SPI of even the semester in which you have got backlog and adds the subject’s SPI after you pass it.

    • After clearing backlogs SPI is recalculated and a new result is prepared and sent to you.But the maximum marks you can get from remedial exam of GTU of 70 marks is just 23.Though you write everything right,you get maximum of 23 marks out of 70,its GTU’s rule.

  11. What is D2D process in GTU ? To whom they give first preference TEB student or regular GTU student ?

  12. Ashish said:

    This new CGPA rule is applied to B.E. final year students or not..??

  13. Friendelicious said:

    Okay..so above stated conversion says 8.25 for 80%,that means 10.75 for 100%???

  14. It means in the gtu student gets 92%(99 cpi/spi) marks? Hows it possible? Amgng…

  15. please can i know the best books to be purchased for sem-3 & sem-4 electonics -(10)

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